Pha'Rakari of the South

Due the fact, that they prefer very warm to hot regions, their fur is very thin and they do not have an undercoat. Their eyes and ears are bigger, while their feet are smaller. Their paw pads are thicker and harder. Their body is mostly more slender build. Even though their tail is as long as the northern clans, their longer fur is shorter as the north kind. Even more silky.

Since they live in bigger city-like organizations, they do not need to wander around to trade. They have big organized trades through the entire southern regions and a few to the north. They own trading ships too. Since they think, that most of the northern clans are too wild to be civilized, they barely trade with them overseas, but they do.

They like to decorate them self with expensive jewelries and more gems, if they’re rich enough to do though. The higher ranks wear very expensive fabrics and jewelry, while you can see a difference to the lower ranks.

There are a few bigger cities and some smaller towns build around the bigger cities. They have some kind of classes. There are the rulers, the ones that are close to them, the usual citizens, farmers and the lower poverty.

There is always one leader in the entire city who rules like a king or queen. Their offspring will be the next ruler until the bloodline ends or their reign will be fought by an individual who wants to get the reign. That mostly ends with the death of the current king or queen. The possible offspring will be sent into the exile or gets killed.

There is no difference between males in females in the ranking system.

In the age of 24 they’re ready to mate. They can give birth to one kitten, maximum three.

Their height is between 180cm to 200cm of the males and 150-170 of the females.

Their relationships are mostly organized, barely because of real love. Sometimes they have more than just one partner, while just one partner will be the official first ranked, which is kind of like a fixed marriage. The partner is mostly political chosen in the higher ranks. The lower ranks aren’t that organized and seek their partners due the romantic way.