General Information

Pha' Rakari are a feline type. Their coat is natural colored, their feathers are mostly very colorful and have the same color scheme as their gems, eyes and sphere.

They have a peacock-like feather at the root of their ears. Also they have 2-4 longer feathers growing from there shoulder blades, lower back and ankles. On their feathers is one gemstone on each feather, closely to the tip. The gemstone on the peacock feather is at the middle.

They have a very long tail with longer fur from the middle to the tip.

On their forehead they have a crystal horn. It can have different shapes and the length depends on the entire body proportion and condition. If they are weaker than usual, they are shorter. If they are very strong and healthy condition, the horns grow longer. It gets longer with the aging, but even thinner. It’s not unusual, if the horn breaks with a higher age. It’s the same with their sphere. In a higher age the sphere can get some cracks.



They can become between 100-130 years old. Their childhood is usually till the age of 15. Fully grown they are at the age of 28-31- They are aging slower than human beings or other creatures.



 The sphere is hovering constantly close to them, slightly glowing, when they are in a neutral condition. If they are feeling physically very well, the sphere glows more than usual. If they physically feeling very bad, are sick, the sphere glows just very slightly.

The sphere itself is like the heart of usual species. It is pulsing and has the same important position as the heart. If the sphere stops pulsing, they are dying.


North and South

In history there is just very little information about the fact of mating between south and northern rakarian clans. Obviously it is not possible to get offspring due a companionship between the north and the south. The little information about some offspring in the past of mixed Rakarians is that they did not live long enough to get to the age of a fully grown Rakarians.

If possible they avoid meeting each other. They do not have some kind of war, but their ideas, their opinions, are very different. There are cases of war between the south and the north, but it mostly doesn’t affect all clans.