Pha'Rakari of the North

 Since the northern Clans prefer cold weather, snow and rough habitats. They are bigger and stronger build than the southern clans. They have a thick coat and longer fur. Their ears are shorter and their eyes are slightly smaller. On their ears they a small brush –like tip. Their feet are bigger and coated with thick fur. They live in smaller groups with usually one leader, maximum two, if they are in a relationship to one of their kind. They prefer to live in bigger dens with a small entrance, to make sure, they can keep the warmth of their fireplaces inside the den and stay close together in a more family-like companionship. Their groups are between 10-30 individuals. They hunt in a group of 3-7, while the rest stays at the den to protect the younger and take care of them.

The dens are mostly build due nature, but they tend to expand their dens and build more rooms by using wood, stone and tools to get through the stone walls.

If they wear jewelries, they are self-made of bones, stones, leather or iron and steal.

It’s rare, but possible that they can be loners, if they did not found a group, where they can live. To make sure to avoid incest births and relationships, they usually trade their offspring with other clans.

Every now and then a smaller group splits from the entire clan to wander long distances to a different clan, not only to trade their members with them. They also trade spices or other important stuff like weapons, fur of their preys. Then they go back to their on clan.

They are very organized and not uncivilized at all, even due the fact they are definitely wilder and more roughly. They’re even able to live mostly on the rough northern sea on big ships. The sea-groups do trade with the southern clans too, but their offspring.

Females and males are equally hunters, warriors and caregivers. The lead takes the strongest in health, condition and intelligence.

In the age of 28, they are ready to mate. They give birth to only one kitten.

Their height varies between 180cm to 230cm of the males and 165-200cm of the females.

Their relationships are in a very special and tight loving bound. They only have one partner at time and mostly one partner their entire life.